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Walking & Visits

Our furry friends need regular exercise to enjoy a full and happy life just as we do. Boredom and loneliness can cause anxiety, hyperactivity, destructive behaviour and other stress related illnesses. A dog also needs to exercise off their lead to explore their surroundings independently, and to work their muscles and heart to benefit from good health throughout their lives.  


We have a secure two acre paddock that our dogs are able to take full advantage of for exercise, socialising and recall training. At great expense we had the paddock fenced to accommodate the smallest to the tallest dogs and so even those most reluctant to return dogs are safe to be let off the lead for that all important daily exercise. Socialising with other dogs aids stimulation of the brain and maximises the benefits of play time with 'dog manners' being quickly and easily learnt by younger dogs.


All dogs are collected and returned in our secure fully-caged and air-conditioned vehicle. Importantly our vehicle also has windows throughout so the dogs aren't travelling in complete darkness. Upon return each dog, in the more inclement weather, is towelled down, water bowls checked and replenished and treats and medication given if required.


Why not try us out. Don't leave your dog at home and then wonder why he or she displays unusual or unruly behaviour. Remember, a fully exercised and stimulated dog is a happy dog.  



one 45-60 min walk - £12.00

(2nd dog of home included for £19.00)


full mid-week of 45 - 60 min walks - £55.00

(2nd dog of home included for £90.00)


one 45 min walk - £16.00

full mid-week of 45 min walks - £75.00


one 30 min puppy visit - £8.00

full mid-week of 30 min puppy visits - £36


contactable by phone/text

8am-10pm daily
07807 083314

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